How Veterans Become Great Entrepreneurs | Podcast with Mark Bloomquist

As a transitioning service member, would you look for a job or do you have the desire to work for yourself?

For over 34 years The Entrepreneur’s Source has helped tens of thousands of people at a career crossroad explore their options and take control through a unique coaching methodology. TES helps Veterans think about where they are in life, where they want to be, and guide them in the exploration of options.

Working with a Career Transition Coach is one of the most powerful ways to get clarity around what you want. An Alternative Career coach not only can help you better define your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals, but can also help you understand your career transition options. There are no-cost coaching sessions geared to help Veterans learn what may or may not be a great fit for the future.The education, awareness, and discovery-based methods of career transition coaching allows clients to discover opportunities ideally suited for the life they seek for themselves and their families.

“I joined The Entrepreneur’s Source because of my desire to help people achieve their career dreams.”

                      -Mark Bloomquist, Navy Veteran, The Entrepreneurs Source          


Veterans Alternative-Transition Options

Hire G.I. podcast with Boyd Young and Mark Bloomquist:



  • Avoid the dangers and pitfalls we face in today’s’ ever-changing career economy
  • Understand the value of your transferable skills and strengths so you can cash-in on your professional capital
  • Explore what opportunities are out there and identify which ones fit your unique criteria
  • Explore that Entrepreneurial Itch you have had for years
  • And we do this at no cost to you…your only investment is your time and your commitment to have an open mind


Free Military Career Transition Review

Contact: Mark Bloomquist

Phone:  (651) 249-4166



“Changes are not easy, but sometimes we have to make changes to achieve our desired lifestyle. I found that working with an Entrepreneur’s Source coach was not only educational, but also comforting, based on his rich experience in his area. I hope that others who are looking to make a change realize the importance of the experienced coach to help them thorough the process.”   Goran Marinkovic  


“I finished the coaching process with  peace of mind about taking the best possible path to provide the standard of living I wanted for my family. I only have one regret: If I had known the kind of support my coach would provide me, I would have made my decision to take the leap earlier…” Jorge Villamil 


“Thanks to my Entrepreneur’s Source coach I have now had my business open for a little over a month and the learning process that my coach has given me during the past year with the plethora of knowledge that he possesses will in the future still be helpful. I would have to say if anyone out there is interested in becoming a franchise owner you WILL need a coach and at The Entrepreneur’s Source you will not go wrong. I would also feel comfortable in saying that had I not came on board with my coach I would maybe still be trying to get my business off the ground.” Dewayne Holloway

Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs
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Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs
Podcast with Mark Bloomquist of The Entrepreneurs Source
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