LinkedIn – not just a resume resource

In a partnership with the DoD, LinkedIn, the popular professional networking site recently announced that it will provide a year of LinkedIn Premium to every military spouse – both during installation moves and following an exit from service.

Though LinkedIn has had a transitioning service member program for almost a decade, this step to reaching mil spouses shows that the company is becoming more inclusive to the other half of the military world, one that’s often forgotten during constant PCSing, deployments and TDY assignments. 

This is huge news for military spouses because it shows that the professional world is beginning to realize that there are significant hindrances for mil spouses to advance or pursue careers that don’t involve part time employment.

Current statistics indicate that mil spouses are four times more likely to be unemployed than spouses in the civilian sector, and this stat doesn’t change when their spouse has completed his/her time with the military. Because of the constant moves associated with a military career, it can be exceedingly challenging for mil spouses to have to constantly retrain and recertify for employment opportunities.

Currently, LinkedIn Premium costs around $30, or $300 annually and it provides all of the LinkedIn Premium features.

Applicant insights allows mil spouses to understand how they rank next to others who have applied for similar jobs. When used correctly, this is an invaluable tool that will help mil spouses understand how and where they should polish their skills and their resumes.

Being able to see who has viewed your profile can help to bridge the gap between casually searching for a job and connecting with those who might help land a position. It’s the first step in digital networking and can help expand a mil spouse’s reach.

Being directed to open roles that are a perfect fit for the skills and qualifications a mil spouse lists means that s/he is going to better spend time looking for jobs for which they’re well suited. 

Perhaps of most benefit for mil spouses is LinkedIn’s On Demand learning feature. By adding in-demand skills to a resume, a job candidate can go from qualified to stand out star and be more likely to get the job. It’s also helpful for those who are considering changing career paths. There are tons of skills that a mil spouse has spent a career perfecting – being adaptable, comfortable in new situations, and being able to get to the heart of a community are soft skills, but they’re skills that can translate well to the professional world. Simply because of a mil spouse’s resiliency, resourcefulness, and adaptability, s/he is probably more qualified than s/he thinks. The On Demand learning feature will help mil spouses take those skills and translate them to professional applications.

Aside from its great progress for mil spouses, LinkedIn offers a ton of resources for service members and those transitioning out of the military. It’s an ideal resource to begin developing a digital network, to connect with others who can understand the challenges of transition, translating military service into civilian friendly terms, and to help connect with companies and recruiters who are expressly looking for veterans. Combined with a well written resume and a good profile landing page, it’s sure to become a great resource.

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