The importance of a thank you note after an interview

It might sound a little old school, but a thank you note can go a long way after an interview. It’s just as important as any other part of the job seeking process for a few reasons.

First, it shows interest and your ability to follow through after the interview has ended. It indicates to the hiring manager or HR representative that you’re serious about the position.

It’s also a great indicator that you understand social conventions. It’s all too common for most people to fail to acknowledge someone’s time, efforts, or commitment. Sending a thank you note is going to indicate to the hiring team that you appreciate the time allotted to you.

The majority of job-applicants fail to send a thank you note, so by sending one, you’re automatically setting yourself ahead of the curve and away from the crowd.

A thank you note also gives you the opportunity to reiterate the key points you learned in the interview and to emphasize the skills that you could bring to the company or organization.
Most importantly, a short note after an interview allows you to make points that you might have missed during the interview. It’s easy to get nervous, especially if you’re new to the job search and this is the first time you’re seeking employment in the civilian sector. The after-interview note is the perfect place to do this.

To make your thank you note truly impactful, it’s important to not use a form letter. You want to use this letter to highlight the experience you had specific to the interview, not bland statements about seeking employment without finite details. Taking notes during your interview is a great idea because you can add them to your note seamlessly.

How to write a thank you note:
If you met with two different people during your interview, make sure to send a note to each of them. But make sure not to send the same letter to each person; they work in the same company, so it’s likely they’ll compare notes.

Use the first few lines of your note to thank the interviewer, indicating your appreciation of their time and efforts.

The next paragraph can be used to tough on the key points you made in your interview and clear up any rough spots that you felt might not have been explained fully. You can use this paragraph to expand on why you’re the ideal candidate for the position and remind the interviewer of your experience.

Close by expressing your interest in the organization and a short reiteration of why you’re the ideal candidate.

Writing notes can be tedious, especially because it’s a custom that isn’t common practice in the military. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the job search in the civilian sector is completely different than the path in the military. By adhering to these social conventions, you’re going to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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