Defining your message and taking the plunge

Let’s face it – there’s a lot of noise out in the world. In order to stay relevant, current, and ensure that your message is getting to the right people, it’s important that you determine your unique selling proposition (USP).

The USP is a marketing concept that tried to explain a pattern in successful advertising campaigns in the 1940s. On its fundamental level, the USP reminds those in business that differentiation is a key strategic and tactical activity that a company needs to engage in – all the time. When you start to think about your job search as a job on its own, and think of yourself as a company, you’ll see that having a USP is key in ensuring you stand out. Your USP can be created after identifying your unique skills, knowledge, and experience that you have and others don’t. The USP will be used to differentiate yourself from everyone else in the crowd.

8 Tips to help Build Your Message:

  • Make a list of your USPs
  • Tailor your USPs to the type of position that you’re looking for
  • Focus on how you will benefit the employer
  • Prove why you’re the best fit
  • Add your touch of personality, show us who you are
  • Be short, sweet, and simple – Headlines that capture one’s attention (2-3 sentences at most)
  • Be honest about your experience
  • Stay consistent with your brand messaging

Take the plunge, socially. It might feel unfamiliar or seem daunting, but you have to be willing to commit to the new way of communication. From the way you talk about yourself, to the many different communication platforms, you can choose to communicate and market your message in so many unique ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

This whole process is likely to stir up some feelings of anxiety and nervousness, especially if you’re not super comfortable with putting yourself out there. The thing to remember is that this is the way of business in the twenty-first century. Even if it’s not your favorite medium of communicate, it’s still something you have to embrace. Don’t let your discomfort hold you have. In order to make the most of being active on social media, making a plan, evaluate and refine it, and then stick to it.

6 Boosters toRemember:

  • You are good enough for the position and you do have what it takes, so be confident in pushing your message to the world.
  • You’ve been a part of a great organization and have most likely been in some of the most intense situations, so you’ve already proven yourself. All you need to do now is share your story. Make social media work for you.
  • Develop a story that you’re comfortable sharing with others. Determine how much of your time in service you’re willing to talk about and develop it from there.
  • Always show your generosity
  • Be strategic in which social media platforms you use and dominate the space

It takes time to highlight yourself, so this should be a huge part of your plan. Always remember quality versus quantity. The more your social media networking is targeted to the industries that interest you, the more you’re going to shine. Elevate your personal brand by creating leader thought content through “niche content” that is educational and fun. By doing this, you are sharing your expertise and building relationships at the same time, which assists other professionals within your network in reaching common goals.

10 Key Points to ignite your brand:

  • Research and become an expert of what you are communicating about
  • Use simple language
  • Start with the problem
  • Share mini-stories of similar situations
  • Offer your solutions
  • Post & write for your audience
  • Follow potential competitors to learn from them
  • Use strong headliners, subheads, and CTA’s in your content
  • Be clear and meaningful
  • Have a mentor proofread your content

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