Marketing Ideas to Make Yourself Viable

As a transitioning or already transitioned service member, it’s important to consistently ensure that you’re marketing approach is current, fresh, and effective. In as much as you have spent time culling open job opportunities to make sure it’s a good fit, potential companies are going to do the same.

There is definitely an approach that each company takes to their hiring process. Because you’re likely looking for your next career, it’s important that you market and network continuously even if you’ve been offered a position. What this means is that it’s vital to not become complacent. Even if you’ve gone through the hiring process, consistently reaching out to other people in the company will ensure that you are continually on the minds of those in the company which might be responsible for making a final decision about whether or not you get the job. Remember, you’re not the only one who has likely applied for the position, but the old adage rings true – the squeaky wheel really does get the grease.

Of course, this is going to look different for each role in each company and for each person. Some might find it effective to connect with potential contacts via social media platforms like LinkedIn. Other roles might require you to put in more fact to face time. The key takeaway here is that it’s key to understand and be open to making yourself as visible as you can.

Even though you might be ready and committed to creating content that will make yourself more searchable for potential employers, remember that there are countless posts from professionals with the same goal as you. You have to ensure that what you publish or post online is high-quality that will ultimately serve a purpose for others. It has to be unique enough to get filtered out from the rest of the noise.

Ways to make this happen include the following.

  • Use high-quality images and graphics that are shareable
  • Use attention-grabbing pictures, gifs, and videos
  • Develop infographics to visually present
  • Use the right words in your content and always remember to check your grammar
  • Choose your font, weight, colors, and branding platforms to consistently use – (Canva and Movavi are great tools to use)
  • Always present your content both editorially and visually with your readers and network in mind
  • Identify new points of view, new formats to use, ways to tells your story, and different distribution channels to amplify your message

Ultimately, the approach you take to marketing yourself is going to be a personal choice.

However, there are a few key qualities that you should highlight for all employers, no matter the approach you’ve taken to marketing or the industry. These skills are universal and will be of great use to you as you continue to put your best food forward. Of course, each employer is looking for something a little different with regard to their perfect hire, but there are some skills that no matter the company will undoubtedly be a good fit.

  • Your Motivation and Passion- This shows who you may be in the workplace. It also shows your creativity and willingness to learn and improve.
  • Your Professional Commitment- Learning about and researching the company, its culture, the mission statement, values, networking with employees, and taking the initiative to provide solutions before expected will really set you apart.
  • Your Beliefs, Values and Goals- Aligning with and communicating clearly who you are to your potential new employer will help everyone understand if you’re going to fit in, and how you’ll integrate into the workplace.

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