Success secrets to help you land a job

Success secrets to help you land a job

After your intensive search, you’ve landed a job in the civilian sector that’s well suited to your skills and interest. While it might seem like the time to get comfortable, this is actually the time to dial in and ensure that your new career is full of success. Here are four success secrets to help you once you’ve landed your job.

Be your own evaluator

In the military, you probably became accustomed to quarterly and annual evaluations from your superiors. These evaluations helped you determine where you needed to work harder and helped you understand your strength areas. In the civilian sector, you can’t rely on having someone evaluate your work, so it’s up to you to lead the charge. Not only is this success secret often overlooked, but it’s actually the easiest thing to do. Just like with everything else, break down your goals into small bite-size pieces that can be worked toward every day. Set time limits so your goals aren’t too lofty and then work from there. Review with yourself once a month to ensure you’re tracking your own success.

Take initiative

Sounds simple, but many civilian workers wait for someone to tell them what to do. Once you’ve been in your role long enough to understand the day to day operations, brainstorm ways that you can improve the way things work. The modern workplace needs people who are able to bring a fresh idea to the table and start new projects without a lot of handholding. This success secret is going to take you from being the average worker to the office leader.


Just like you need to take initiative to stand out, you also need to anticipate the needs of your colleagues. This success secret will help you reach your goals faster. Ask yourself what you can do to work ahead of the curve. This might be challenging for some people, but you know how to plan a contingency for a contingency. Use this skill and anticipate the needs of your superiors by asking yourself what you would want done next. Get things done efficiently and quickly. You’ll showcase your ability to jump into a project and your positive attitude. These two success secrets will undoubtedly help you stand out from the rest of the office.

Create solutions

No one wants to be a complainer or the person who is constantly pointing out problems. Be a team player and understands that one key secret to success is to create solutions. Work to become the solution provider, not one of those people who takes every problem to the manager. Try to help solve problems instead of just identifying them.

These success secrets might seem basic, but they’re infrequently adapted. By keeping these success secrets in mind, you put yourself on the path to achieving your career goals.

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