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Things to never say in an interview

Things to never say in an interview Interviews are already challenging enough without needing to add in the undue pressure of having to speak eloquently about your strengths. There’s so much preparation that goes into interviewing well, and for a transitioning service member, it might be even more challenging to learn the skills of speaking civilian. Because you know you’re

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How to Prep Well for a Behavioral Interview

How To Prep Well For A Behavioral Interview Like a situational interview that asks specific sets of questions to help a hiring manager determine if you’re a good fit for a role within a company, a behavioral interview is interviewing based on discovering how you’ll respond to specific employment-related situations. There are some distinct differences between a behavioral interview and

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Situational Interview Questions and Tips for Answering

Situational Interview Questions And Tips for Answering Like a behavioral interview, a situational interview is when you’re asked super specific questions about some event that might or might not happen on a job. Hiring managers like to ask these kinds of questions to evaluate how quickly you can assess a situation and provide a solution. Examples of these kinds of

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