Personality Tests help you find the perfect job

Personality tests will help you find your strengths and weaknesses – valuable information when you’re narrowing down a job search. These kinds of tests will also take into consideration your values, interests, and skills. As a transitioning service member, a personality test can be the best tool you’ve never heard of since it’s possible you’re not sure where to start with your job search.

Why take a personality test?

Well, that’s easy. You’ve just spent a portion of your life in your military career. That means that whatever you were doing in the service might have been suited to the needs of your branch – not to what you wanted to do or like to do. That makes now the ideal time to take a personality test. You’ll have the chance to assess what kinds of choices and careers might be best for you.

Of course, it’s essential to keep in mind that not every test is going to give you a definitive answer. But they can be useful resources if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to do with the next chapter of your life.

There are many free assessments available online but remember that they have minimal academic or intellectual standing. They’re quick and easy to take and might offer you some insights you hadn’t considered. There’s no reason to think that a personality assessment should be the one defining test that helps you find your next career since that’s just not reasonable or possible. Instead, think of it as a tool, and you’ll be one step closer to the job of your dreams.

Types of tests

There are a wide array of tests available to you, so it might be difficult choosing the right one to take. Personality tests range from the very famous Myers-Briggs to the Ten Item Personality Index. When selecting the type of test to take, keep the following in mind.

Aptitude tests are those that measure your ability to learn a skill or perform a certain kind of work. As a transitioning service member, these tests might help you begin to narrow down career choices.

Career tests will help match your personality with the kind of career that might be suitable for you.

Inventories are types of checklists that help use identifying personality markers to determine how your interests match with those already employed in an industry. In short, an inventory will help you evaluate whether or not you have the same likes and dislikes as those who work in your area of interest. Using the summary, you can then find out what occupations include those interests.

Personality tests are often used as part of a career planning process since they involve measuring your emotional aptitude and your overall stability. These tests should be integral in your mission to find the right job.

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