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What makes us different?

Focus on Quality – not quantity.

We’re not going to sell you on the millions of candidates we’re going to offer or recommend to you.  We’re focused on finding you a small handful you can review, interview and hire.  Our goal isn’t to be another source you have to weed through; our goal is to make your job easier.

We bring AI to the SMB Segment.

Most of our competitors are 10x our cost.  We let you affordably compete against the biggest employers in the market.  We do that by focusing on just the best candidates (not trying to serve everyone) and focus on quality over quantity.

We’re focused on finding you candidates, not building a data pool.

Most of the large players in this segment are NOT focused on delivering you candidates.  While they do that, and charge a pretty penny for it, their real focus is on data collection – about you, about applicants and about job seekers.  They aren’t passionate about putting candidates to work.  We are.  It’s the only thing we do, every day.

How it works

Once your agreement is signed, our engineers will build a sweep of your jobs to import into our jobs database.

When we sweep, we’ll identify your apply page to send matches to.

Once swept, Your jobs will be served on and, for traditional job seekers.

Your jobs will also be imported into and analyzed by our AI Engine.

The AI Engine will match your jobs to local candidates from our database.  The match engine uses a variety of evolving/learning AI techniques and is constantly changing  based on the jobs you submit and the candidates who are added to the DB.  It is constantly learning about you AND the candidates based on the data as well as their activities.

Candidates with good fit matches – by skill, culture, location and social profile will be sent a link to your job on a landing page where they can read more about the job.

On the landing page are “apply now” links which will take the candidate directly to your application page.  When they click the link, we’ll include a source tag so that you can track them via your ATS or your web analytics.

12 Months
200 or less concurrent jobs

What you get

no manual posting

Posting of your jobs on BraveHire and BAJobs, for traditional job seekers.

Smart AI Matching of candidates from our pool to your jobs.

Three Month Trial
Brave Hire - 3 month trial
Twelve Month
200 or less concurrent jobs
Twelve Month
201 or more concurrent jobs

Contact Us

(855) 383-3332

California Mailing Address:
8690 Aero Drive, Suite #115 – 224
San Diego, CA 92123

Atlanta Office Address:
510 Plaza Dr. Suite 2230
Atlanta, GA 30349

Office Hours

Monday – Friday:

9:00 am – 5:30 pm