Hire G.I works on a performance-based retainer. We do not charge unless we place the candidate. We will leverage our military career fairs on over 20 military bases and database to find you the perfect candidate.

Our Process

Hire G.I limits the number of engagements we take on at any given time, we are in a unique position to provide a deeper insight to the organization and your veteran hiring process. We are able to go deeper into the individuals backgrounds, personalities, strengths and weaknesses to increase retention and reduce turnover.

We visit your organization in person or by teleconference to gain a better understanding of your culture, veteran integration process and needs. We look at your core values, hiring process and gaps in opportunities.

Candidates can be presented for your review and interview selection.

Experience tells us that the candidate’s first three months are the most critical for long-term success, and a wrong step can quickly become a major roadblock. Once our placements are on board, Hire G.I. will have regular check-ins with the client and the candidate in an effort to provide placement.

We look at your job postings. The creation of a credible and compelling marketing document is critical for selling the opportunity. We will assist in the creation to make more marketable to candidates

We will work closely with you and the candidate to set and manage appropriate offer expectations and assist with all facets of a candidate’s decision-making process (relocation, spousal/family concerns, opportunities for the future, etc.). Our job is to get to know everything there is to know about our candidates and our clients.

We provide an in-depth process to screen candidates and confirm they are the right fit.

    • We provide a phone screening interview
    • Provide a behavioral interview conducted by organizational development professionals
    • Employ an extensive candidate assessment test
    • Conduct a Face To Face interview

It is our goal to ensure a fit not only with the required skill sets, but to select a candidate who will enhance and build the desired “corporate culture.”

As a finalist candidate emerges, formal referencing begins. It is our intent to get at the heart of what a candidate is like to work with, what motivates him/her, what the possibilities are, and any foreseeable risks. Our final reference reports are above all else credible and factual – our reputation depends on it.


We will always lead with integrity and we feel it is worthwhile to put guarantees in writing.

  • While we pride ourselves in assisting our clients in making the right choice, should a candidate leave or be terminated within 6 months of the completion of the search, we will recruit another candidate for no additional fee.
  • We will never recruit any candidate from a client company if we have worked with that company in the past two years.
  • Additionally, we will never recruit any candidate from a company if we placed that candidate.

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