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Direct Placement


Hire G.I works on a performance-based retainer. We do not charge unless we place the candidate.



We will always lead with integrity and we feel it is worthwhile to put guarantees in writing.

While we pride ourselves in assisting our clients in making the right choice, should a candidate leave or be terminated within 90 days of the completion of the search, we will recruit another candidate for no additional fee.




Our Process

It’s hard to find time to hire more help and search for our American Hero’s. How do you make sure you don’t let a good candidate slips through the cracks? With our direct placement service, we act as your recruiter to make sure you, and not your competitor, get the right veteran for your permanent position.



Step #1). Culture Integration

We will have a conversation with your HR team to gain a better understanding of your culture, veteran integration process and needs. We Look at your core values, hiring process and gaps in opportunities.

Step #2). Candidate Screening & Development

We provide process to screen candidates and confirm they are the right fit.

    • We provide a phone screening interview
    • Provide a behavioral interview

It is our goal to ensure a fit not only with the required skill sets, but to select a candidate who will enhance and build the desired “corporate culture.”

Step #3). Candidate Presentation

Candidates can be presented for your review and interview selection

Step #4). Offer Negotiation

We will work closely with you and the candidate to set and manage appropriate offer expectations and assist with all facets of a candidate’s decision-making process (relocation, spousal/family concerns, opportunities for the future, etc.). Our job is to get to know everything there is to know about our candidates and our clients.

Hire G.I.

Hire G.I. serves those who have served by developing transitioning military personnel, and pairing those candidates with top-tier employers.

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