Turn a Job Fair into A Job Offer

Turn a Job Fair into A Job Offer



11:30 am - 11:49 am


Some people really hope to get a job offer from a job fair. Too many job hunters go to a job fair with high hopes and expectations. And sadly, too many go home disappointed.

Content includes:

  1. What is a Job Fair
  2. How to build a strategy before the Job Fair
  3. How to sell yourself with a short, smart elevator speech
  4. Questions Recruiters Ask and Questions to Ask Recruiters
  5. How to ask for the recruiter’s business card
  6. How to follow-up with the recruiter after the job fair
  7. How to be persistent without being a pest

We explain how to approach, engage, and impress a job fair recruiter. It’s a great, webinar and a must walk


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