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As a Celebrity Sponsorship Leader, you will be responsible for engaging your client base for effective brand influence marketing as well as integration into company events. This includes incorporating new and unique ideas for each sponsor to promote the brand and themselves for best conversion of their following into Grunt Style customers. You will also be responsible for pursuing future sponsorship contracts, brand endorsements, and testimonials to effectively market the brand for greater growth potential, as well as find ways to quantify their efforts in to supporting data and analysis. This group of sponsors is made up of C and D list celebrities and social media ‘stars’.

This position is based in San Antonio, TX.


  • Manage and track a client base of 20-30 sponsors for successful market influence towards the company’s desired brand directives.

  • Utilize sponsor’s social media analytics and demographics to assess best practices for sponsors to influence their following.

  • Create and maintain unique contracts between the company and each sponsor, as well as assess the appropriate contract type to match return on investment.

  • Research and pursue appropriate clients that best match brand influence objectives for sponsorship, endorsement, and ideal cross promotion for relationship building.

  • Work with the Events team to integrate your sponsors creatively into different events available that match their specialties.

  • Build positive relationships with each sponsor to strengthen efforts for growth on both sides of the contract.

  • Work closely with manager in order to ensure budget needs are being met, and appropriate supporting data is given for each contract.

  • Collaborate with customs team when opportunity arises to keep the company branding with the current and potential client base.

  • Continuing education on best practices with social media marketing for brand influence.

  • Ensure the highest levels of quality, thoughtfulness, and professionalism in all verbal and written communication


  • Knowledge of social media platforms, marketing, and brand collaboration influence

  • Able to read analytics and trends for the market

  • Creative and resourceful

  • Excellent written and verbal communication and inter-personal skills

  • Experience in business marketing and analysis of ROI

  • Knowledge of brand influence marketing practices

  • Able to create reports to show brand influence analysis

  • Must be highly responsive to business needs, sudden opportunities, and changes in plan

  • Ability to communicate effectively to build sponsor engagement efforts

  • Drive to express your sponsor’s successful campaigns and collaborative efforts as a reflection of yourself and your marketing abilities.

  • Ability to take smart risks and champion new ideas.

  • Respectful and open to input and ideas from other team members. We are all working towards the same goal.

  • Respectful and responsive of client’s needs and goals. By collaborating efforts, you are also helping them grow their brand while asking them to help us grow ours.

  • Take pride in your work, take pride in your clients, and hold both accountable for success or failure.

Experience Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Experience in brand marketing and social media integration.

  • Able to creatively envision and express media marketing ideas and tactics

  • Ability to travel about 10-15% and to work non-traditional hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays

  • Data oriented with the ability to read analytics, demographics, and market trends.

  • Account management and relationship experience with over 20 clients.

  • Experience collaborating with internal and external resources in developing and/or contributing to strategic initiatives that meet brand influence goals.

  • History of client to brand integration for different markets.

  • Demonstrated experience and ability to think critically while working in a dynamic, high pressure team environment, fostering a sense of urgency and commitment to achieving goals.

  • Ability to recognize and act on new opportunities

  • Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills

  • Strong communication and inter-personal skills

  • Ability to handle and resolve contracts well that do not match branding goals.

  • Knowledge of basic business and ROI

  • Strong administrative and clerical skills

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