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The Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention is now accepting applications for the position of Corrections Officer. Qualified applicants may remain eligible for employment consideration for 11 months after their completion of the National Testing Network testing. •

*About the department**:

The Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention (DAJD) is a professional and nationally recognized organization that supports safe, vibrant, and healthy communities in partnership with other criminal justice and human service agencies. DAJD operates the largest county jail system in the State of Washington, housing an average daily population of 100 juvenile detainees and more than 1900 adult inmates. •

*Department’s Mission:** DAJD contributes to the public safety of the citizens of King County and Washington State by operating safe, secure, and humane detention facilities and community corrections programs, in an innovative and cost-effective manner. King County DAJD is committed to upholding and promoting equal opportunity in employment. DAJD encourages people of all backgrounds, cultures and religions to apply, including veterans, people of color, immigrants, refugees, women, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities. DAJD values diversity and is committed to making appropriate accommodations as needed to support diversity as we believe that a diverse workforce is a strong workforce. • *About the position**: King County DAJD correctional facilities operate 24-hour per day, 7-days per week. Corrections Officers work assigned shifts, including days, swing, graveyard, holidays, weekends and mandatory overtime when necessary. This position requires direct contact with inmates. The inmate population includes potentially volatile and combative individuals with emotional, mental health, and alcohol/substance abuse problems. Incumbents are responsible for booking, releasing, inmate management, supervision, and security work within DAJD jail facilities and the Work Release Unit. Typically, duties are performed within adult detention facilities. However, this position may require escort, transport and guarding inmates in the courthouse and medical facilities. These lockdown/secured environments require the ability to navigate ramps, stairs, opening and closing heavy doors, and working in narrow hallways. Corrections Officers are expected to maintain regular attendance, use their intellect and effective communication skills, use physical strength and endurance, maintain a professional demeanor and appearance, actively participate in tactical situations, emergency response, force training, and follow very detailed instructions, policies, procedures and the Code of Conduct. • *Who may apply:

**This recruitment is open to all King County employees and the general public. • *Work schedule:** Facilities are operational 24-hours per day 7-days per week. Corrections Officers work 40.85 hour work week, including a paid meal break, and are overtime eligible. Incumbents must be available to work varied shifts; which include days, swing, graveyard, holidays, weekends and mandatory overtime. • *Work locations:** Incumbents may be assigned to either of two work locations: • King County Correctional Facility, 500 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA • Maleng Regional Justice Center, 620 W. James, Kent, WA • *Schedule and facility assignments are subject to staffing needs of the department and collective bargaining unit bid processes which are seniority based. How to apply:** Completion of a King County employment application and DAJD supplemental questionnaire is required. Resumes or letter of interest alone will not substitute for full application. Online applications are preferred. To apply, go to: • *Who to contact:** For assistance with the online application process, please contact

**NeoGov Customer Support toll free at 1-877-204-4442** or For questions about the written or video, please contact

**National Testing Network at 1-866-563-3882.

** Questions regarding this position and the selection process may be directed to Candy Trang, DAJD Human Resource Associate, at 206-477-7542 or . More information about this job and the department can be found on the DAJD website at •

*Veterans Preference: **Incumbents requesting Veterans’ preference must submit a copy of their DD214 form, via email to to determine eligibility. Veterans’ preference will be applied as applicable.

Job Duties

• Oversee all activities of inmates, including recreation, meals, educational classes, visitation time, professional visits, social workers, and other authorized activities. • Ensure the safe, secure, humane custody of inmates, adhering to constitutional obligations including access to legal counsel, medical and mental health services as required.

• Walking, running, sitting, standing for extended periods of time, and climbing stairs.

• Use appropriate physical defensive interventions and restraint techniques to maintain custody and control, up to and including deadly force, in accordance with local, state and federal law; achieve and maintain proficiency in application and use of defensive interventions and physical agility.

• Participate in required trainings in defensive tactics, electronic control devices, pepper spray, and other emergency and safety equipment.

• Ability to perform under high stress when confronted with emergent, critical or dangerous situations; handle multiple activities simultaneously; exercise sound judgment under stressful circumstances in which working with speed and sustained attention are critical to the job.

• Summon medical attention for inmates and render emergency first aid and CPR.

• Enforce rules, policies and procedures. • Receive inmates into custody; input data into the computer. Sign off warrants, search inmates and property.

• Record personal data on required databases, logs and files. Check computer for outstanding warrants.

• Instruct and manage inmate behavior, in accordance with jail policies and procedures.

• Monitor and direct inmate movement and tasks.

• Operate control room and/or central control; monitor closed circuit television cameras and control access and egress within jails; security and alarm systems, communications and radio traffic.

• Anticipate, watch for and intervene in potentially dangerous situations and other jail conditions.

• Relay approved information concerning inmates to relatives, attorneys, probation and police officers, and others.

• Coordinate with courts to ensure inmates appear as required.

• Safely operate a motor vehicle.

• Distribute inmate meals, mail, cleaning supplies, commissary requests and other items as required.

• Book and release inmates according policy to and procedure.

• Process and maintain commitments according to policies and procedures.

• Write detailed reports concerning any recommendation, problem, observation or emergency situations or occurrences within the jail, according to DAJD policy and training, or when directed by supervisors.

• Provide excellent customer service including professional and respectful behavior.

• Ensure confidentially is upheld to the highest ethical standard.

• Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Maintain safety and security of inmates in their assigned residential unit/functional area, with special attention to their physical whereabouts, health and emotional well-being.

• Inspect facility, inmates, visitors and packages delivered to the facility.

• Utilize and monitor electronic screening devices.

• Conduct searches related to safety and security to include, but not limited to: vehicles, facilities, property and person for contraband, health hazards, safety and security violations.

• Must be able to perform mandatory overtime.

• Proper supervision of inmate cleaning and perform facility inspections routinely. Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills •

*Minimum qualifications for entry level:

** Twenty-one years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. Must possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License by the time of employment.

• *Most competitive**: Applicants who possess corrections and/or criminal justice experience.

• *Lateral Experience: **Training requirements and starting salary range will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Supplemental Information

• *Applicants currently working as a Corrections Officer** are subject to the same application, testing and screening process as other candidates.

However some additional benefits may be realized post-hire and include the following:

• Salary Consideration: Incumbents may be considered for placement at a step within the Corrections Officer salary range that is closest to their current salary (salaries must remain within the stated Corrections Officer salary range);

• Salary Consideration for Laterals: Salary may be evaluated for previous corrections experience on a case-by-case basis, up to Step 5 of the Corrections Officer salary range; • Training Waiver Consideration: Incumbents may be considered for a full or partial Corrections Academy waiver, based on confirmation of attendance and successful completion of a comparable Corrections Academy. Training records of these incumbents will be reviewed to determine eligibility for a full or partial waiver.

• *Appearance:** Corrections Officers are expected to keep their appearance within established guidelines. Hair will be neat, clean and well-groomed.

• Male officers are expected to be clean-shaven, except that they may have mustaches which shall not extend below the lip line or one-half inch (1/2″) from the side of the mouth. Beards, handlebar and twisted-end mustaches are not allowed. Sideburns shall not extend past a horizontal plane at the base of the ear lobes and shall be neatly trimmed.

• Female officers may wear one pair of earring studs (only one earring per ear), measuring no more than three

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The Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention (DAJD) is one of 15 departments within King County. DAJD has approximately 1,000 employees (most are uniform staff) across specific divisions:

Mission, Vision and Goals


The Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention contributes to the public safety of the citizens of King County and Washington State by operating safe, secure and humane detention facilities and community corrections programs, in an innovative and cost-effective manner.


The Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention is a professional and nationally recognized organization that supports safe, vibrant, and healthy communities in partnership with other criminal justice and human service agencies.


  • Goal 1: Provide adult and juvenile detention facilities that are safe, secure, humane, orderly and cost-effective.
  • Goal 2: Support and be responsive to the public and other criminal justice and human service agencies’ interests and objectives.
  • Goal 3: Provide a catalyst for change in the lives of offenders by providing cost-effective programs and community corrections alternatives to secure detention in the least restrictive setting without compromising public safety.
  • Goal 4: Promote the development of a professional, accountable and respectful work environment.

DAJD Facts

  • DAJD must house individuals that have been arrested for felonies (across King County) or misdemeanors (unincorporated King County).
  • DAJD must house individuals that have been found guilty of felonies or misdemeanors (unincorporated King County) and are sentenced for 1 year or less. DAJD can also house individuals on consecutive sentences.
  • There are over 50,000 bookings per year.
  • 70% of the adult population are released within 72 hours.
  • Both adult divisions provide inmates with library services, GED, health care, stress management, and a variety of other programs. KCCF provides psychiatric services and houses inmates under high security.
  • DAJD works closely with the King County Sheriff’s Office, Seattle-King County Department of Health, courts, cities, health organizations, and other stakeholders.
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