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Mission & Service Gavin de Becker & Associates is a dynamic security firm innovating threat assessment and public figure protection.

Our mission aims to protect and enhance the lives of those we serve. From media figures and transnational corporations to universities and women’s shelters, GDBA stands on the front line of the assessment, prediction, and management of violence. Gavin de Becker & Associates is an equal opportunity employer.

Required Qualifications

• Demonstrated exceptional results in a client-service role; professional and positive communication style.

• Ability to work independently and to adapt to various work-paces while always maintaining a high-level of attentiveness and energy.

• Exercises sound operational judgment, as well as flexibility to shifting priorities and challenges.

• Drug and nicotine-free; associates are required to participate in ongoing drug and nicotine screenings for the duration of their employment at GDBA.

• Physically fit; candidates must at least meet minimum physical requirements to be considered for this opening.

• Must be able to pass our pre-employment background investigation. Desired Qualifications • Prior experience in the military, specifically conducting PSD operations with government officials and VIPs. Veterans who held military occupational specialties, including Marine Security Guard, Military Police Officer, FAST, and Infantry, are strongly desired.

• Working knowledge of basic IT troubleshooting.

• Previous estate security experience, including remote monitoring, access control, physical security, emergency response, as well as security protocol implementation.

• Prior training in Emergency Medicine, defensive tactics and arresting techniques, and tactical firearms.

• Possesses a LEOSA/HR218 Firearm Qualification. Responsibilities & Expectations Security & Protection Agents advise at-risk public figure clients and protect them where they’re needed most – at their homes, offices, and during travel. Agents manage the security operations from a dispatch command center to create a localized point for analyzing security challenges and disseminating information.

Agents are responsible for enhancing safety and security by remaining alert at all times. They also play a crucial role in adding comfort and convenience to the lives of those they serve.

Residential Protective Coverage

• Serve as primary center point for disseminating information regarding security-related incidents on the property, as well as in the field.

• Coordinate contingency plans and emergency medical response for security incidents at the residence and in the field.

• Implement security and access control procedures to ensure safety on the property.

• Systemically monitor early-warning detection systems, security alarms, and cameras to identify and resolve security risks.

• Control access to the properties by maintaining entry logs, as well as granting admittance to on-site guests.

• Conduct security and threat assessment audits of the property and make recommendations for improvement security measures on-site.

• Assist clients with low- to mid-level concerns, including but not limited to scheduling and property management to add convenience and bolster privacy.

Executive Protection

• Provide executive protection and logistics support, as needed, when the client travels both domestically and abroad.

Physical Readiness

• As a function of the mobile security unit, must be able to maintain physical readiness to respond to an attack or hazard at all times.

• Maintain physicality to stand on your feet for several hours without a break, provide protective coverage during physically taxing activities including running, as well as maintain long schedules in the field

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Gavin de Becker & Associates is a world leader in public figure protection and threat assessment. Headquartered in Los Angeles and operating in over twenty major American cities (including San Francisco and New York) and Europe, our firm protects and advises a wide-range group of clients that includes the world’s most famous and the world’s most anonymous. From media figures and transnational corporations to universities and women’s shelters, Gavin de Becker & Associates stands on the front line of the assessment, prediction, and management of violence.

Founded by Gavin de Becker in 1978, our firm advises and protects our clients in every environment imaginable. Additionally, our associates also research, write, and lecture on all aspects of high-level executive protection and physical security. As we expand our services across the country, Gavin de Becker & Associates remains a strict meritocracy that rewards performance, innovation, and creat

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